Technical Info
Everything you need to know about Poolarchy

What is Poolarchy?

Do you want to create a Bitcoin Pool? Litecoin Pool? Dogecoin or Namecoin pool? This is everything you need: just create an account in!

With Poolarchy you can create your own coin pool. We provide you with all the technical tools that you and your miners need so you can focus on building your community.

What tools do we provide?

  • We provide you with the operator control panel. With this tool you will configure every aspect of the pool, like name, profits, reward system, vardiff and more.
  • We also provide the miners control panel, so your miners will have inmediate access to the tool to configure their workers and track their progress.
  • We provide you also with the pool servers (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Namecoin). These are the servers that will be accessed by the miners to mine. We call them the mine.
  • We provide you also a public page for your pool showing basic statistics and log in and sign in options. You can use this page as the main page of your pool, but we recommend you that you create a full customized web site with your own domain in your own hosting. Then you can include the statistics page as one of your pages.

What benefits do we offer?

Once you know about the tools that we provide, the benefits are easily drawn from them:

  • You don't have to maintain any pool server, with all the technical stuff that it involves.
  • You don't have to maintain any coin chain and its synchronization with the network.
  • You will have a control panel to manage everything you need.
  • Your miners will have a control panel to manage everything they care of.
  • You can set the profit that you want.

TL;DR: you don't have to maintain any server or technical infrastructure and you will get a reward for it.

What do you have to provide as operator?

  • You can use the public pool page that we provide or you can create a full customized web site with your own domain and hosting. This is up to you.
  • We don't provide any forum or chat with your miners, so, if you want to communicate with them, you should create a channel for that, either a forum, a twitter account, an email account, etc.
  • In fact, we provide you with all the tools you will need, but you are free to customize your miners' experience in the way you really wish.

What coins are available?

Right now Bitcoin, Namecoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin ara available. Also in merged mining! In the future we will add more coins as we see an interest for it.

What profits do we get?

We get a profit of 0,9% for every block mined. It is low enough to add in top of that your own profit and still be a competitive pool.

How will your miners have access to the pool?

When you create your pool, you will indicate a subdomain that will identify it. Using this subdomain, your miners will have access to their control panel. They will be provided also with a stratum url where they have to point out to mine.


The pool uses a mechanism known as VarDiff to change the mining difficulty according to the miner hashing power. Thus, every miner may have a different difficulty at any given time, always customized to its very own hashing capacity.
The difficulty will be incremented or decremented depending on the time the miner needs to submit one share. These increments or decrements will follow an exponential variation of 2, that is 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, etc.
In your pool configuration, you can configure the behavior of VarDiff in your pool, stating the initial difficulty and the minimum difficulty that your pool will accept.

PPLNS reward system

The pool uses Pay Per Last N Shifts (PPLNS) reward system. When shares are received, they are added to the current shift. When the current shift achieves the configured score, a new current shift will be created and the completed shift will be marked as open. You can configure the score to complete a shift and the number of shifts that remain open at a given time.
When a block is found, the reward will be distributed according to the open shifts. That is, every miner will receive a proportional amount according to the shares submitted in the shifts that are open. That means that a miner can receive multiple rewards for the same shift or group of shares.
This reward system avoids pool hoping and other kinds of speculation and is consiered as a fair reward system.


Round is the time or shares since the last found block by the pool. Normally rounds are used to distribute rewards among the miners when a block is found. Because we use PPLNS reward system, we don't have to consider rounds, but you will have all the information about when the last block was found and how many shares you have received since then.


We do daily payments. Every day you and your miners will receive a transfer of your earned coins.

Receive small quantities

Coin networks discourage transfers of very small quantities, known as dust transactions. For this reason, we don't transfer quantities that are lower to a given threshold. But we provide also a soft limit, that is, when you have a small balance and you still want to receive it, you can pay a fee and you will receive your coins. When your balance is high enough, you receive your coins without paying any fee. In your panel you will find the option if you want to receive very small quantities paying an extra fee.
Fees and thresholds depend on every coin:

  • BTC Transfers between 0,001 and 0,01 have a fee of 0,0003 BTC. Transfers of more than 0,01 are free.
  • NMC Transfers between 0,001 and 0,01 have a fee of 0,0003 NMC. Transfers of more than 0,01 are free.
  • LTC Transfers between 0,01 and 0,1 have a fee of 0,003 LTC. Transfers of more than 0,1 are free.
  • DOGE Transfers between 0,5 and 2 have a fee of 2 DOGE. Transfers of more than 2 are free.